The Power of You

Within you there is love and its power. Engaging it creates a perceptive powerful faith or trust within you.

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You are naturally optimistic.

Integrating optimism is about reliving and unlearning the helplessness that has caused it to be blocked.

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Optimistic integration liberates the hero in your heart.

Let the struggling hero of love rise up within you.

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Optimistic Integration: Faith Crying Out Of Darkness Call 214-227-9452

Find light in your darkness, and fly to freedom.

There is a light ever shining in the darkness of your life.  It is the light of hope that cries out in the darkness for love.  Conquering your helplessness it heals your damaged faith.  Your cries once unheard and unattended, or brutalized with fear, now rise to a heaven of love.  The cry once helpless can become a cry of faith:  A freedom cry. Rising with wings of faith and the power of hope  you find heaven within.  This is the practice of optimistic integration.  Not learning a smart way to put a smile on your face, but finding a buoyant faith that no darkness can long conquer.

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