When Hope Dies Only Love Rises


Find light in your darkness, and fly to freedom.


When Hope Dies Only Love Rises

Evil swept in upon us, from a cancer of prejudice dormant, from avarice that ate at hope, that blurred our eyes that once were clear.

A monstrous beast of punishment, justified by hate, rose from our dormant darkness, from a shadow always near.

Like canaries unseen, dying in dark mines, children suffered without care, ignored in fevered greed, born from hearts blind, sickened, lost to what is dear.

Oh, cry in hunger for what you lost, cower from greed in high places, harden hearts against the poor, and you will lose your souls to fear.

Yet still, as the heavens cry, and heroic angels kneel defeated, courage calls to faith, love speaks salvation, and those with ears begin to hear.

When hope dies only love rises.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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