INTRA SPIRIT: Integrating Healthy Optimism YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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INTRA SPIRIT: Integrating Healthy Optimism

What is this about?

This is a You Tube Channel for poetic expressions related to Optimistic Integration, and instructional videos for its practice to the degree that is wise or possible.

Can I learn more?

Yes,  those wishing to communicate with me via audio/video chat may do so on Face Book.  I am Mitch Sotelo on Face Book. Send me a message with what you would like know. You can also set up lessons in the case where you might be interested. 

Who is this not for?

This is not for those who have the ability in terms of time and money to seek .  I can refer you to those who do the best training in a highly professional way. 

What do I offer?

I offer “spiritual” help.  What I offer is free.  It is for those who wish to learn within the contexts of a modernized version of the Vedic tradition.

What is the Vedic tradition?

I the Vedic tradition there is a teacher (guru) and student (brahmachari).  Also it is mainly for men and celibacy is required. Also changes in lifestyle are demanded.  Additionally, women are not much encouraged to learn. (A cultural thing more than a Vedic thing in my opinion.) Embrace your own inner guru!

How does this modernized approach differ from the Vedic tradition?

First of all, it is a guiding tenet of Optimistic Integration that we are all of us both teachers and students.  Be wise!  Use many teachers not just one.  It is considered best by our practitioners to have many teachers rather than just one.  So this modernized version of Vedic teaching differs from the tradition of guru worship.  In this approach or practice there is no room for “teacher worship” and this is seen as an impediment to full growth and progress.

Are there those who are better more advanced teachers than I?

Yes, there are those far better.  Those better are can be well trained psychologists (our modern yogis) of all types.  Additionally, there are those who are the best of the best of these. 

In order to bless the world:

I humbly offer a spiritual path for those who prefer it, or who are in need.

What is the “agenda”?

The agenda is to bring about more rational views of life, others, and ourselves.  Furthermore, it is about inncreasing those who can teach this, and so change social views to more enlightened ones. Embrace this new, challenging, and promising age of science! Practice the skills of Optimistic Intelligence.

Do this practice and keep the benefits of religion!

Do this by an internalization of religious faith. Pushing one’s faith on others doesn’t work.  Share your journey and they may find your faith.

Internalize your faith.

This internationalization makes your personal religion more about practice and experience than rigid beliefs. Furthermore, rigid beliefs may come to hinder scientific advances. Be bold! Hug a universe of wonder with your mind!

Test this practice!

How? Test your practice! Use emotional intelligence tests!  Emotional intelligence is about self awareness, self control and empathy. Test and observe such skills. Observe these skills in order to tell who may be best to teach this process.  Test this for yourself!  Furthermore, test this with the objective eyes of others as well.

Does this approach help with spiritual needs and goals?

Through such an approach we can help our new more scientific age to bring the joy of spiritual transcendence without the burden of rigid beliefs.  This approach helps us to connect to our virtues by connecting us to our creative, objective and empathetic selves. Bring the joy of such connections to your life. These connections can lift us to spiritual (self transcendent) joy. Use this approach!  Why?  By lessening anxieties about the future and the past.  Practice optimistic integration and feel yourself at play in the universe.

Know yourself so that you can see how lovable you truly are.

In order to best know yourself, try to see yourself from many perspective, and love yourself from all of them.  Then you will find your universe smiling back and you,  Then you will see the shining hope and beauty in everyone.  Know that you are shimmering with the beauty of the first light that brought this universe into being.  Additionally, leave room for imperfection, for without it beauty cannot exist.

David “Mitch” Sotelo