Optimistic Integration a Love Perspective


Love is both the perspective that encourages the ability to feel one’s needs and the ability to communicate them.  Feeling loved is perhaps the best feeling in the world.  It lifts us when we are down, humbles us when we are lost in pride, and tells us we belong to others and others to ourselves, with ties more important than wealth or fame.

Without love we feel isolated alone and lost.  There can be no healthy optimism without love.  Love integrates optimism and heals our helplessness by giving us the courage and permission to feel needs that were once too attached to helplessness to bear.  Having felt our helplessness we conquer it and rise to the bravery found in forgiving, and the repentance from all hate.

Optimistic integration is about sharing love between ourselves and ourselves, ourselves and others, and ourselves and our sense of a “Higher Creative Power”.  It doesn’t demand that you believe anything, it just lifts you to where your feeling and knowledge of love shines out over the darkest most troubled seas of life.

Love requires awareness, play and the courage to feel.  These things are the saving search lights of love shining into the depths of our soul.

Do we need to trust everyone or just anyone in order to love?  No, but love builds trust within yourself, between yourself and  others, and with the power to create love out of the midst of crushing shadows of doubt and fear.

Though we walk through the valley of darkness and death, new life will be born, and our life will shine with love.  The power of love will keep us, its comfort overwhelm us, and though hate camp all around us, we will be free.  The courage to love will give us vision beyond all the fiery trials of life to a land of peace and joy, and we will dance in the heaven that holds this troubled world in eternal hands.

Let the light of love shine in, and care with all your might. Be the dawning of a warming light in a world grown weary and cold.

David “Mitch” Sotelo




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