Integrate Your Optimistic Power of Love

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Find the warmth of your true humanity, the optimistic buoyant inner you. Recapture, heal and integrate your inner kid with your inner higher power of love.

When you integrate your power of love with your inner kid, you find the buoyancy that is true optimism.  As you do so, both your ability to find your joy in life and your power to create the love that sustains that joy increase.  You will also find humility, virtue, a greater appreciation of life, yourself, and others, as well as the power to change yourself and your world for the better.

The path to greater optimism takes time and can often be hard, but it is well worth the effort. 

The path of optimistic integration is simple:  Feel your past helplessness to be loved.  Realize that the needs you had then are actually losses.  Grieve those losses.  Forgive from your heart all who were involved in creating that loss.  Feel the times when you harmed others because of your past helplessness and find the sorrow of this.  Know that the you that had no such sorrow is not you now.  Work for love not greed. Repeat the process at deeper and deeper levels.

This is the path of wise freedom.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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