What is Optimistic Integration?

Find light in your darkness, fly to freedom.

Optimistic Integration is a way that we can unlearn the forms of helplessness that block our natural optimistic approach to life. This also helps us to rise above our personal dramas, and change our experiences to more positive ones.

In the practice of Optimistic Integration we become our own guide, our own caregiver, and our own higher power. Optimistic Integration is at first a set of dialogs we voice aloud to and from these three aspects of ourselves. These dialogs, spoken aloud, between the part of us caught in the drama of our lives and these higher selves, can be very revealing and enlightening.

There is an even deeper non-verbal set of practices that uses breathing, meditation, and creative expression. These are derived from ancient yoga practices which need to come after a student attains proficiency in the verbal practices. These practices are powerful tools a student can use when ready. They help us to transcend our egos and more fully connect to and enjoy life.

Optimistic Integration can be done alone for the most part, unlike many other approaches. This is important, as even close friends may not always respect what you say in confidence to them.

Laugh through the tears and cry through the laughter and remember that only you can know your heart best. Ultimately your greatest teacher and best friend is yourself.

Take the journey that is truly your own, into the universe that is your mind. Don’t miss the wonder that you are…

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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