The Path of Wise Freedom

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We all seek freedom, freedom to be ourselves, freedom to love, freedom to find joy and to give our best to a troubled world.  What we often fail to do is to seek these things within ourselves.  There is a communication between the part of us that experiences life directly and emotionally, and the part of us that is reflective and able to love and to relate to the world with virtue.  This virtue is freedom, a freedom to live fully.


Virtue isn’t complicated it is born of our abilities to love, which include empathy, objective understanding, and the ability to create art and to view the world in a creative artful way.  From these come goodness, truth, and art, which take us out of ourselves to see ourselves and others with wonder and appreciation.  Because virtue is all about empathetic goodness, objective truth, and creative artfulness, it is the core of wisdom which guides our lives to real meaning and purpose.


The inner artist in us can connect to the emotional kid in us in creative, objective and empathetic ways. It is the creative force in our dreams.  Our Artist increases our ability to live and love with honor and humility.  Our Artist is the source of our wisdom, the power of our love, and the real freedom for us to live and live well.

THE ARTIST: Caring and Understanding

The empathetic outreach of the artist can help us to feel and heal from anxieties locked in our past.  The objective understanding outreach of the artist can help to give us peace and hope concerning the future. 


The artist helps us by using our imagination in daylight dreams in which we can communicate between what we feel and what is true and good. 


In the dream our Artist creates three dialogs are useful. The perspectives in these dialogs I call the Kid, the Artist,  the Director, and the Caregiver.  The Kid in us plays the emotional role in the dialogs.  The Artist plays the creative role.  The Director plays the objective role or perspective.  The dialogs in such a “dream” could be referred to as Kid/Artist, Kid/Director and Kid/Caregiver.  This is because love serves the Kid.  With love all our perspectives are free to express themselves.  Ensuring this freedom is wise.  The understanding of how this freedom loves the Kid in everyone is wise freedom.


Deeper still within the Kid is the non verbal self.  This can be called the Infant.  The infant has no ego and so when it is connected to the other perspectives (or selves), we transcend all sense of ego.  Because of this we find freedom even from our rigid sense of self.  Yet, this is not the first part of the journey of Wise Freedom. It comes later and slowly.  And it is only a part of how we can experience our world.  Transcending our rigid selves, we find the power of play.  Because of this power of selfless play we find the joy of being in the timeless presence of our Artist within us. Joyful egoless play gives us joy.  It brings us to a heaven that can exist even in this very difficult and painful world.



The path begins when honest feeling makes verbal connections to our ways to love. This also connects us to our virtues.  Why?  Because when we connect to loving empathy we connect to goodness.  And when we connect to objective loving understanding we connect to truth.  And when we connect to creative caring or appreciation we connect to art, the power to appreciate and enjoy ourselves, others and life. This first step begins a journey past helplessness around trusting love enough to express our honest needs.  Helplessness around needs creates an anxiety that takes us down harmful symbolic paths. Conquering the helplessness thus gives us the clear vision that such past needs are now losses


Grieving our losses allows us to forgive ourselves and others from our hearts. Finally, to the degree we have felt and forgiven, we can move on to the next step.


Because of step two we can now deal with our past actions or lack of actions that harmed the faith in love of others.  The sorrow felt at how we harmed others is a mark of true repentance.  This repentance is also the point where we see that we are no longer the unfeeling person who did the harm. 


Those seeking to follow this path would do well to learn from those who know how to practice it and who are living it.  No one is perfect and the only true teacher is all of us working together in respect and love.  Yet the experienced practitioner can teach the path of real freedom in ways that avoid the pitfalls that can set a seeker back or discourage them from continuing.


We must not in our respect for the others also respect falsehoods some may hold, or hatefulness, or harmful world views, or superstitious nonsense. It also doesn’t mean we trust the ones we have forgiven before they find real remorse for what they did. Our respect for ourselves and others means we see past imperfections to the lovable deserving Kid inside even the worst of us.


This path helps us see the beautiful lovable Kid in others.  It is also important in order to connect to the loving Artist within themselves and others. We can all grow in our connection between our ability to trust love. And because of this journey our ability to love and create trust in ourselves and others also grows.  As one guru once wisely noted: You can’t call someone in the shower a dirty person. 


Find your inner journey, a journey to greater emotional intelligence, a journey to real optimism and freedom to be and love and share the wonder that is you.


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May all that is light and wonder give you strength today and joy for your journey, wherever it leads.

With deep respect and love,

David “Mitch” Sotelo