Conquering Love

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  The Conquest:

Use love to conquer your helplessness. This is important because it lets you grow your ability to feel and appreciate life.  Do this in order to strengthen your power to care for yourself and others.  This is the highest achievement in life.  Why?  Because love is the meaning of life itself.  Besides that, you will be remembered fondly. Most importantly, your life will influence and bless the world long after you are gone. Communicate love in a variety of ways to reach and heal your damaged faith in love. 

  Why Bother?

Because conquering love defeats hate and guilt.  Create with love a powerful forgiveness born of honest feeling and deep understanding.  Also because it will help you to love and be loved.

    More Reasons?

Use conquering love because, it can defeat damaged faith.  Because then you can grow and be all you can be.  Embrace the courage born of a determination to find the caring that creates a meaningful life. Care deeply for this is true success in life. 

      How Do I Do This?

Find empowering love by using Optimistic Integration. 

        What is Optimistic Integration?

Optimistic Integration is an in depth approach which helps the understanding of groups, others, ourselves, and societies.  It unleashes the more full power of your mind.  Optimistic Integration achieves this through self talk and meditation on your honest feelings. It is your power to love yourself.

            How Optimistic Integration Helps:

Optimistic Integration connects your inner Kid to your inner Artist.  Your Artist is your power of love. It is your reflective and creative transcendent self.  Conquer your fears with the power of your Artist!  Join your feeling Kid with this powerful ally.  Because then you will fully appreciate being alive.  Your life is a great movie and you are its star and hero. Be creative become the Artist of you life.  Increase your buoyant ability to have an optimistic outlook, as it is the foundation of success.  Grow your success in whatever avenues you may journey.

  The Advice of a Great Mythologist:

Have you read about the great mythologist Joseph Campbell?  He advised that you should “follow your bliss”.  You find your bliss when you connect between your loving Artist and your trusting Kid.  Because this destroys the helplessness and anxiety that blocks your joy in life.

  Loving Your Life:

In order to truly find and love your life, yourself and others, let the arms of the Artist embrace you.  Let the Artist within you reach into your past and future.  Because the Artist in you is able to create caring and understanding.  Most importantly, because you will find anxieties falling away. 

  Rise Up to Heaven’s Love:

Lift yourself up by the conquering love of your Artist into a place of transcendent time, because in true joy there is no clock.

    Your Heaven:

In order to find your heaven you need to know where it is. Heaven isn’t far away.  It lives within your heart in the embrace of conquering love. Live in the power of love and conquer what keeps you from your goals.  Why? Because you have this one precious life. 

  Because you Matter:

Make your heaven real.

David “Mitch” Sotelo