A Message to Discouraged Friends,

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A Message to Discouraged Friends,

In response to a statement that niceness on the internet often goes no where to advance the arts and artists, science, and the betterment of humanity:

That sounds about right, and everybody can steal any artist’s work or enjoy it for free, or recreate without giving credit for a great idea they would have never had without the insight of an artist who gave it life. And sadly, clever and otherwise unthoughtful people can become millionaires on a fluke.

Capitalism as it stands just isn’t working right and corporate capitalism is killing democracy. Additionally, people all want to punish people, which at best creates only better “human doings”, and also helps to destroy the opportunities to create better “human beings”.

Meanwhile, scientists are coming up with warnings we don’t heed and most don’t understand Unchallenged and unchallenging beliefs keep many sedate in their hypocritical judgments and concealed hatreds. These hatreds are from a disease born of helplessness around needs, feelings, and their expression due to trauma and deprivation. Feeling and expressing such feelings and needs in their original helplessness with enough sense of a present safety is the only way to leave that helplessness. So, this just isn’t an easy practice and people will fight the entire notion.

Additionally, and throwing salt on our many spiritual wounds, narcissistic hatefulness abounds and badly affects children being raised, raised without sympathy, understanding, nor the chance to be inquisitive, exploring, and creative.

But humans are resilient and we’ve come a long way from worse conditions where the lifespan was on average only 35 years of age and we lost a great number of our kids to childhood diseases. Also, touchingly, when disaster strikes people still pull together, and hope still shines in the hearts of activists around the world.

Let us hope that the BLUE WAVE is still building here in the USA and that hearts, and wisdom will finally rule the day.

Believing there is hope, the Democratic Party is slowly putting democracy back into government, “a government of the people, for the people and truly by the people”. (Thanks Abe)

My advice? If you are seeing RED, vote BLUE.

Your straight shooting yellow dog Democrat,

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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